making a difference

The Henderson Community Foundation partners with various community leaders, members of the community and nonprofits of all types. Through our community project focus areas, we provide unity and leadership to the community by acting as an effective, independent front for addressing difficult issues and/or advocating for needed programs, services or policies.

Community project focus areas are program areas that focus on particular community issues. Each community project focus area is unique and can be custom tailored to meet the changing needs of the Henderson community. The foundation’s Board of Directors reviews the project focus areas to be certain the initiative(s) align with the foundation's mission; is important and adds value for community members; and will be implemented in ways that benefit the community.

The community project focus areas exist to build a certain level of community leadership within the Henderson community. Sometimes the result is an extended initiative in which we take the leading role. Many of our donors choose to join us in these strategic efforts.

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